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   To S and S Birdhouses providing safe                                nesting sites is most                              important. Unfortunately for the bluebird, wood duck,                       martin and screech owl they                     are not the only creatures who desire the nesting structures                        that birdhouses provide.                   Raccoons, opossums, snakes and other predators are serious threats for nesting birds as they eat the eggs and/or kill the nesting birds. Consulting Wildlife Biologist (specializing in ornithology) on staff.  

    Our father talked to numerous people who represent decades of “hands-on” collective experience by cavity nesting birders (such as the Purple Martin, bluebird, screech owl, and wood ducks) and Wildlife Biologist specializing in ornithology. This resulted in the final designs, aiding successful nesting of each species in all parts of North America. These same cavity nesting enthusiasts, and Wildlife Biologist urged him to enter the "Minnesota Inventors Convention", resulting in an design award.
    Building on the Nest box Material Experiments conducted by Bob Patterson (a founding member of a well known bluebird organization) ~1980 "showed that PVC pipe nesting boxes reflected more sunlight and were as cool or slightly cooler than 3/4" thick walled natural colored wood nesting boxes of almost any style". S and S Birdhouses took the next logical step and improved this by adding insulation and UV inhibitors to further protect the nesting bird.     
     The roof design of the Bluebird house has proven to keep the nest dry as noted by numerous bluebird landlords from Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Wyoming and Alaska (over 20 monitored bluebird houses spanning 5 years) to name a few.
    Due to the jumping/leaping ability of many bird nest predators (including unsupervised house cats), it was found that an 8-foot height prevented harassment of nesting birds. This height does make "nest monitoring" more difficult. However, as we like to say " our houses are for the birds", their safety takes precedent over human comfort.
    The Wood Duck house has been offered since 2002 and has withstood natures elements since then, without maintenance. That is 20 years of exposure without the need of paint or other materials!!! It has also been selected by state agency biologist to be placed around reservoirs.
    Our houses have had consistent proven success for 20 years from Florida to Alaska. Our Bluebird House was selected for a Tree Swallow study in Alaska as our houses are used by other cavity nesting birds as well. Shown by this statement from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, "your bluebird boxes (I have three remaining) are super for our tree swallows. Our tree Swallows love them". 
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