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   To S and S Birdhouses providing safe                                nesting sites is most                              important. Unfortunately for the bluebird, wood duck,                       martin and screech owl they                     are not the only creatures who desire the nesting structures                        that birdhouses provide.                   Raccoons, opossums, snakes and other predators are serious threats for nesting birds as they eat the eggs and/or kill the nesting birds.  

   Easy Care
S and S Birdhouses are easy to pull apart and clean. The convenient removable lid gives you effortless accessibility to its interior. The birdhouses can be removed from the PVC pole that it is mounted on by just taking off a simple attachment clip at the base of the house. This also makes off season storage effortless.

 Withstanding the Elements
Houses constructed from wood hold the obvious and costly disadvantage of being short-lived. Rotting wood and beatings from the elements leave their replacement time at a short 3-4 years causing them to become an expensive inconvenience. Metal houses have tin edges that pry loose with time and become a razor-sharp hazard to those who provide maintenance on the structures. Although they tend to outlive wooden ones by a couple of years before going to a rusty grave, their life span is still relatively short. 
The S and S Bluebird House is the best choice to withstand nature’s furious elements. Plastic won’t rust, rot or deteriorate. Manufactured with ultra-violet inhibitors, it will not become brittle or prone to cracking. Its resistance to the elements outlasts other artificial structures by many years.  
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