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S and S Birdhouses
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About S and S Birdhouses
The S and S Birdhouse is made of insulated plastic modeled after the limited natural cavities that birds seek. The houses are manufactured to the birds’ preferences in size and shape, providing security and protection from predators and elements.

   The Bottom-line
For the number of bluebird houses people install usually comes down to cost. In comparison to the other man-made alternative structures that are on the market, the S and S Bluebird House is the best option economically and long-term. Not only is the initial investment comparable to other bluebird houses, they last 3 to 4 times longer.  
The S and S Birdhouses provide an unequaled value that will encourage more organizations and citizens to become involved in wildlife management.
Meet the Inventor

Norbert is from Minnesota were he enjoys the great outdoors.
Wanting to contribute to the rebuilding of the habitat around 
him Norbert has spent countless hours designing and manufacturing
the houses that birds not only prefer but are protected from predators.
Norbert has seen many years of hatching success with his PVC insulated houses.